HYGECO delivered the new Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Hospital Complex in Ajaccio, Corsica, France!


The Isle of Beauty now has a brand new hospital complex on the Stiletto site in Ajaccio. The complex was designed by the architectural firm AART as part of the design and development team led by the Italian company INSO. Their biomedical engineering department, in conjunction with hospital management, chose HYGECO for its heavy equipment.

Last summer, we delivered and installed an autopsy laboratory and a morgue. Unlike a renovation project, this was a new construction, which certainly created a new challenge for our teams in the field. Throughout the project we had to coordinate with all manner of trades, especially with plumbers and electricians, all while finalizing the deadlines within the desired time-frame.

We hope that the staff of the Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Hospital Complex will now be able to work in the best possible conditions thanks to our equipment!