22 November 1887

Hygeco is founded in Paris (Saint-Ouen) by Louis Marette. The business initially disinfects hospital linen. It soon becomes apparent that new branches are needed.


Hygeco International takes the first steps to be able to preserve the dead longer with the help of dry ice.


Jacques Marette (the founder’s grandson) visits England and America to develop a new process to preserve the dead: thanatopraxy!



Jacques Marette sets up the ‘Institut Français de Thanatopraxie’. This institute offers specialist training and provides information to the general public. As a result of that, demand for thanatopraxy rises sharply in France.


Legislative change in France under which thanatopraxy is regulated. By now, more than 70% of the French opt for this treatment, and Hygeco International looks after tens of thousands of deceased each year.


The business is now called ‘Hygeco’ and drastically expands its national and international activities. For example, a start is made with the production and delivery of products and services for funeral service providers, hospitals and mortuaries.


Hygeco International becomes a member of ‘the Facultatieve Group’. The range of products and services is further expanded, using the international network of ‘the Facultatieve Group’.


The German ‘Funeralia’ is taken over by ‘the Facultatieve Group’ and transferred to Hygeco International, which consequently has an ultra-modern production unit and knowledge centre in the field of layouts for mortuaries, hospitals and laboratories.


The Post Mortem Assistance department undergoes a reorganisation in order to further optimise services in France. France is divided into regions that guarantee availability 24/7, throughout the year.

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