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HYGECO has been selecte by OGF to remodel its funeral homes!


OGF, the main funeral service provider in France, has entrusted HYGECO teams with remodeling dozens of funeral homes throughout the country, including those in Villepinte, Nantes, Nanterre, Agde, Carcassonne, Reims and Bellegarde. Work began in June 2019 and will continue through to spring 2020. This operation is tailored to our technical teams, since each funeral […]

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Meeting with Alain Giraudon, Sales Director of HYGECO in France


Alain Giraudon has been HYGECO’s sales manager in France for more than 35 years. A true living memory, he knows everything about the Group’s developments. We take stock with him on his journey within the company. Interview. Tell us about your career at HYGECO? Alain Giraudon (AG): My career path at HYGECO is quite linear […]

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HYGECO’s business streams are pushing the group onto the international stage


HYGECO’s sales and technical teams are making great efforts to create a steady and strong international business flow. After opening two new markets in India and Chile in the first half of 2019, we are now witnessing a strong comeback in Africa. HYGECO’s commercial development in Africa is continuing to grow: morgue equipment deliveries continue […]

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HYGECO delivered the new Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Hospital Complex in Ajaccio, Corsica, France!


The Isle of Beauty now has a brand new hospital complex on the Stiletto site in Ajaccio. The complex was designed by the architectural firm AART as part of the design and development team led by the Italian company INSO. Their biomedical engineering department, in conjunction with hospital management, chose HYGECO for its heavy equipment. […]

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Meet the HYGECO Group’s teams at MEDICA 2019!


The HYGECO group is pleased to announce its participation in the MEDICA 2019 – World Forum for Medicine on the 18th to the 21st of November. This must-attend industry event will bring together over 5,000 exhibitors from more than 70 countries. Visit booth 13C22 to discover all the latest news from HYGECO! On the agenda […]

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Go to FUNERAIRE PARIS from November 20 – 22, 2019!


From the 20th to the 22nd of November, HYGECO group will welcome you to FUNÉRAIRE trade show in Paris (France). This year, a ton of new discoveries will be presented on the HYGECO booth. Check out booth E53 to discover them all! This year, we invite our customers and potential clients to discover a host […]

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How to become an embalmer?


The embalmer intervenes on the body of the dead, at the request of the family, to carry out treatments that give them a presentable look. In France, about one in four deaths involves the intervention of these technicians. But how does one become an embalmer? And what qualities are necessary for this profession? To be […]

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3 questions to Carmen de Oliveira, General Manager of the HYGECO Group


Holding a two-year technical degree with a strong emphasis on accounting, Carmen de Oliveira began her professional career in an Italian machine tool company as a sales manager. She stayed there for 7 years then joined Raffault S.H.F as Director of Services. She then became the head of the Services Division in February 2011. In […]

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HYGECO is launching in two new international markets: India and Chile!


HYGECO is strengthening its position as a challenger, which will now have to be considered an international enterprise. For these two historical firsts, the French Group will equip the Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy of Delhi in India with a macroscopy table. Delivery and installation are planned in late May 2019. Other orders should follow… As […]

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HYGECO signs two new contracts in Algeria!


HYGECO will equip the anti-cancer centers of two new military hospitals in Oran and Constantine. Construction will be completed by the end of 2019. Equipment delivery is scheduled for September. On the agenda: HYGECO will provide “standard packages” including forensic and morgue equipment. They will be similar to those already installed in Blida and Tamanrasset […]

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The dispersion of ashes in space, is this really the future of funeral practices?


Star dust is a poetic way of dispersing the ashes of the deceased. If this iconoclastic practice comes as a surprise, other more urgent concerns emerge. Focus. In France, two funeral agencies are offering to disperse the ashes of their customers in space! The ashes are collected in a balloon inflated with helium, which will […]

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Hygeco: trusted by the Faculty of Medicine in Nantes, France.


The Faculty of Medicine in Nantes (France) just ordered a set of refrigerated cells, as well as a large arrangement system for body conservation which will replace the current formalin vats. The cold room, which is in negative temperatures, will be able to contain up to 20 bodies; 32 bodies can now also be kept […]

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HYGECO renovates the Research Institute Against Cancer of the Digestive Tract (IRCAD)!


The IRCAD, a training center for laparoscopic surgery and a research institute against digestive tract cancer based in Strasbourg, was created in 1994 by the famous Professor Jacques Marescaux. ”Operation Lindbergh” was the name given to a surgery performed by the professor in 2001 from New York on a patient located in Strasbourg.  The operation […]

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#SuccessStory HYGECO has reequipped the Athanée in Nice, France!


At the end of 2018, HYGECO delivered its biggest project in France: the Athanée in Nice. This rather old funeral home required a month of work for the teams on site. The entire group was mobilized: From equipment production to installation, between the various production units—both in France and Germany—and the technical and installation teams! […]

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Meeting with Olivier, thanatopractor at HYGECO!


Olivier has been a thanatopractor since 1994 and at HYGECO for 8 years. We met him so that he could talk to us about this unusual and yet necessary profession for mourning families. Interview. How did you learn about and choose thanatopraxis? Olivier: I was initially in the food business. I met someone who was […]

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A mediator catering to funeral home professionals and families


Mediation is an extra-judicial solution to relieve the courts. Indeed, the time when only a summons to settle a dispute with a professional market sector is over. The consumer can now bring in a Consumer Mediator—a natural person—free of charge to negotiate a reasonable solution and thus avoid a long trial with an uncertain outcome. […]

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HYGECO will deliver the global equipment for the Laboratory of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir in Morocco in March 2019!


The new Anatomy Laboratory is located in the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir, brand new too. It is an innovative project, because the equipment that was chosen and selected are not only high-end, but also customized. Thus, the production teams were led to create items that are only very rarely made, such as custom tanks […]

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HYGECO has equipped 30 hospitals in Libya!


Last January, HYGECO delivered a package of similar equipment to each of the 30 hospitals being renovated. No less than 15 40-foot containers filled with hospital equipment left Europe for Libya. Beyond manufacturing a set of identical equipment throughout the different production sites in Europe, then sending 15 containers of equipment while managing export issues—all […]

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Meet Océane, thanatopractor at HYGECO!


Océane has been a thanatopractor at HYGECO for 2 years. She explains with modesty and honesty how she chose this unusual vocation and what the roots of her profession are. Interview. How did you hear and choose thanatopraxis? What do you like most about your job? Océane: I got to know this job by chance. […]

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