Welcome to the website of Hygeco Lear!
Our web shop will give you a good idea of our wide range of products. From sutures, cosmetics and body tray lifters to Cold Chambers, Embalming instruments, autopsy tables, urns and keepsake jewellery. Most of the products are in stock, so your order will arrive quickly, all over the world. In the course of 2012 you will be able to order more of these products directly online.

Hygeco has been providing products and services for the funeral and medical sectors around the world since 1887. Hygeco focuses on the wishes of its clients. Members of staff throughout the world are ready to assist you. Hygeco. At your service!

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have specific any questions, please call +44 (0) 113 277 8244 or send an e-mail to We’re happy to help! Hygeco. Pleased to be at your service!

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